• Mahima Pant

    My mother was 55 when Dr. Sumit told us that choosing bypass surgery for her will be more curative. His one line which made me decide on surgery was “I will do it as I would do it to my mother.” My mother is hale and hearty now and better than what she was at 55.

  • Prakash Jha

    When I was told I needed aortic valve replacement, I was scared to death. One of my friend referred me to Dr. Sumit Chopra. I met him and immediately my worries were minimized. I was impressed and totally convinced by the quality of surgery and post-operative care I received. I was able to get back to work within 6 weeks. I was lucky to have Dr. Sumit perform my surgery.

  • Madan Pal

    I had my mitral valve surgery by Dr. Sumit Chopra’s wonderful hands. It has been 4 years since my surgery. When I get a yearly physical, the doctors are amazed they can’t hear a little leak in my valve. I tell them I had the best, with Dr. Sumit Chopra. He was so confident and assured me that I would be OK. I was truly blessed to have you as my surgeon.

  • Miss Kulpreet Kaur

    “It was a great experience visiting Doctor Today Hospital. Very nice experience meeting Dr. Gagandeep. He was gentle and kind by not prescribing any extra medication and tests.”

  • Mrs. & Mr. Suparn Sandhu

    “We delivered our baby at Doctor Today. We are impressed by excellent care given here. Our overall experience was enjoyable, we enjoyed every moment of our stay. Amazing facilities, state-of-art infrastructure, well maintained and hygienic. Thank you to all the Doctor Today team members for all the help and support through the pregnancy and delivery. Keep up the good work.”

  • Mr. Anuj
    Excellent initiative and services for society

    Dr Sumit has launched multi-speciality clinics for all age groups. They want to deliver best services in this class. This is such a unique initiative by Dr. Sumit in the welfare of society.

  • Mr. Pankaj
    Thoughtful and compassionate services

    Dr. J has been my doctor for a few years now and I cannot stress how fantastic he is. I am not a religious person, so don’t believe in miracles, but I can say that Dr. J is a very thoughtful, compassionate, and expert, at his profession. His precise diagnosis work has enabled me to have a full life again. And for this I am forever grateful.

  • Mr. Raj
    Great doctor!

    A friend recommended Doctor Today to me and that is where I met Dr. Rekha. From the first visit I knew she was the right doctor for me. She made me feel confident and relaxed…