Health Talk by Dr. Shubhda Chopra

On the occasion of Mother’s Day Doctor Today organised Health Awareness Talk headed by Dr. Shubhda Chopra, Consultant Infertility Specialist, for the teachers of DAV Public School, Sector – 49, Faridabad. This endeavour is to reach out to women and spread awareness about gynae health & hygiene amongst women.

During talk Dr. Shubhda Chopra, addressed about various health problems faced by working women these days, how to proceed for early detection and prevention, and provided them with the necessary treatment to cure their ailments.
Woman is the foundation of a family. Her health is of prime importance, but unfortunately it is her health which gets neglected the most in the mad rush of day to day life. It is to reach out to such women that Health Awareness Talks are organised under the dynamic guidance of Dr. Shubhda Chopra from time to time. It aims to equip them with knowledge about their personal health, give them better access to health facilities and create awareness about hygienic living.