Khushi – pregnancy and delivery healthcare package

The healthier you are during your pregnancy, the higher are the chances of delivering a healthy baby. Doctor Today’s KHUSHI programme is a complete pregnancy and delivery healthcare package, specially designed for would-be parents to provide them comprehensive prenatal care, with postnatal medical services.

KHUSHI help mothers cherish every moment of their incredible journey of pregnancy and motherhood. We help mothers by providing services they need to make the transition from conception to delivered baby, a successful one.

Khushi policy can be purchased irrespective of whether the patient is currently pregnant or not. Below are the policy details for all the cases.

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Package Cost:

Total package cost : Rs 51,000 /- only
Payment Terms:
Rs 21000/- At the time of Policy Purchase

Rs 30000/- At the time of first Antenatal Consultation.

Terms and Conditions

  • In case of any miscarriage the tenure will be further extended as it is considered as ACCIDENT.
  • The tenure of policy is for 5 years from the date of purchase for non-pregnant cases.
  • Non pregnant policy holders can avail free Gynae consultations for the period of 5 years.
  • High risk cases like PIH, Placenta previa, abruptio placenta, Thromboembolic diseases, Eclampsia, Preeclamsia, Bad obstetric history will be charged extra.
  • All charges and services stand true for general ward only, special room or deluxe rooms will be charged extra.
  • In case Programme is Purchased during pregnancy full amount have to be paid at the time of Purchase.
  • If enrollment is done in first trimester – Gynae and paediatric consultation included for a period of 3 months post-delivery.
  • If Enrolment is done in second trimester-  Gynae and paediatric consultation included for a period of 6 months post delivery.
  • If Enrolment is done in third trimester – Gynae and paediatric consultation included for a period of 9 months post-delivery.


  • How does this package work?

This package will cover all three phases of motherhood. It includes your Pre delivery stage, Delivery stage  and Post delivery stage. Once you purchase this package, all the consultations, tests, and your pregnancy health issues mentioned in benefits section are completely covered. You just need to make an appointment.

  • Why to choose this plan/ Package?

This package will cover all your Consultations, lab investigations, ultrasounds during your Pre-Delivery, Delivery and Post Delivery. And also cover every aspect of your health issues during pregnancy hence provides you the diversified range of tests included into the package.

  • I am health Insured. Do I need this plan?

Even if you are insured you will get coverage for only delivery but if buy this package your will get coverage of Pre-Delivery, Delivery and Post Delivery without any hassle.

  • Who is the best gynaecologist here we have?

Dr. Shubhda Chopra, one of the best and elite in the Gynaecologist department in Faridabad, is our in-house consultants. She is a highly experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. She is well trained in all kinds of Gynae surgery, has a long history of experience, in fact having been with us since long and is adept in handling high-risk pregnancies.

  • How do I purchase this plan/package?

You can purchase this package either by calling us on +91 129 4012180 , writing us an email on this or simply booking your policy online by clicking below payment button.