Resident Medical Officer (RMO Doctor)

Job Title Resident Medical Officer(RMO Doctor)
Job Experience 2-4 yrs
Job Qualifications BAMS / MBBS
Job Tasks and Responsibilities 1. To be part of a team providing 24 hours medical cover and immediate first line resuscitation to any hospital patient, visitor or staff member as required.
2. To assist in the management of patients and provide back-up support to the consultant
3. To provide medical cover, routine and emergency, during hours of duty and work in conjunction with the other RMO to provide a 24 hour service to the hospital.
4. To clerk in and assess urgent admissions as required when the relevant consultant is not immediately available
5. To undertake a morning and evening ward round daily and if possible with a member of the nursing staff when available ensuring patients are visited where appropriate.
6. To make an entry in the patient’s notes as appropriate following ward rounds or any other patient examinations, communication or procedures.
7. To receive a hand-over report on patients from the alternative RMO when commencing duty.
8. To prepare case histories and discharge summaries of IPD Patients