Healthy Family

A family holds a core position in a society. A nuclear family of a husband, a wife and two kids is a driving force for the nation’s economy. The parent’s balance professional and personal work in and out of the house whereas the kids are taught in schools on how to shape the society. A family of such kind has so much to contribute to the society, thereby forming a backbone for growth and development. Several families forming a community together aim for the betterment of their respective areas, specific areas would lead to the ultimate betterment of the state. This would increase the standard of living which shifts a developing country to a developed country.

We at Doctor Today know the value of a family’s health, similar to how a punctured tire will affect the whole functioning of the wagon. We take extra care to ensure that each member of the family is taken care of independently for them to continue their mutually dependent lives happily. Our healthcare benefits for families have been meticulously designed with specific case studies for the overall benefit of the family.

Doctor Today  Healthy Family Package is a CASHLESS OPD package wherein we offer our customers UNLIMITED specialist doctor consultation for the complete year. We provide our customers the facility to visit our doctors any time and any number of times.  At Doctor Today Clinics we have varied medical specialties under one roof. Our Healthy Family packages can be easily customized for varying number of family members. Our standard Healthy Family annual package with two kids costs Rs.12300, and this package can be customized for family with one kid or three kids and so on.

The Healthy Family Package Details are as follows


Healthy Family Package Benefits
General Medicine consultation Unlimited
General Surgery consultation Unlimited
Gynaecology & Obstetrics consultation Unlimited
Orthopaedics consultation Unlimited
Paediatrics consultation Unlimited
ENT consultation Unlimited
Opthamology consultation Unlimited
Dermatology consultation Unlimited
Dental consultation Unlimited
Cardiology consultation Unlimited
Infertility consultation Unlimited
Diet Consultation Unlimited
Vaccine administration Unlimited
Preventive Health Check-up (1 for each member) CBC, URINE, ECG, CXR, USG, Physician consultation
Doctor @ Home Visit (1 for each member) variable visits (1 for each member)
Pick up and Drop Visits (1 for each member) variable visits (1 for each member)
Package cost for family with 1 kid(total 3 package members) Rs.9,800/-

Package cost for family with 2 kids(total 4 package members) Rs.12,300/-

Package cost for family with 3 kids(total 5 package members) Rs.14,800/-

Apart from medical services mentioned in above table, we also offer upto 20% discount  on regular blood tests to all our package holders.