Healthy Couple

The Newlywed, the happily married, and the expecting, all kinds of couples hold a firm position in the family as they bridge the gap between two generations. They have to be true to their cultural values while being modern and up-to-date with the advancements for a successful professional life. The Newlywed would be the most valued people around the family following a tight schedule of post-marital ceremonies and events which would require them to travel all around town. The happily married would serve as role models for the Newlyweds which would need them to be in perfect shape. The expecting, on the verge of having a baby will require a lot of care, right from basic nutrition to emergency service, they’re the pampered babies.

We at Doctor Today understand the importance of a couple and know that a life of association is a delicate string, strengthening the two ends would strengthen the bond. Our healthcare benefits for couples have been prepared with analysis of several case studies and designed to bring happiness and health to the couple.

Doctor Today Healthy Couple Package is a CASHLESS OPD package wherein we offer our customers UNLIMITED specialist doctor consultation for the complete year. We provide our customers the facility to visit our doctors any time and any number of times. At Doctor Today Clinics we have varied medical specialties under one roof.

The Healthy Couple Package details are as follows:


Healthy Couple Package Benefits
General Medicine consultation Unlimited
General Surgery consultation Unlimited
Gynaecology & Obstetrics consultation Unlimited
Orthopaedics consultation Unlimited
Paediatrics consultation NA
ENT consultation Unlimited
Opthamology consultation Unlimited
Dermatology consultation Unlimited
Dental consultation Unlimited
Cardiology consultation Unlimited
Infertility consultation Unlimited
Diet Consultation Unlimited
Vaccine administration Unlimited
Preventive Health Check-up (1 for each package member) CBC, URINE, ECG, CXR, USG, Physician consultation
Doctor @ Home Visit 2 visits
Pick up and Drop 2 visits
Avail DOCTOR TODAY Healthy COUPLE package @ just Rs.7,300/-

Apart from medical services mentioned in above table, we also offer upto 20% discount on regular blood tests to all our package holders.